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Accounting Management System

Speed up your finance and accounting processes by adding Accounting Softwares for your organization. WeOnBase promotes faster inter-departmental processing, better decision-making and allows other departments and locations to share critical information.

School/College Management System

School / College Management System is an advanced web based college management system offering high flexibility and an abundance of features to collaboratively create quality education system. Its main feature is to provide seamless networked campus and a paperless administration.

Inventory Management System

Inventory management software consists of business applications that track, manage and organize product sales, material purchases and other production processes. The goal of inventory control is to automatically minimize understock and overstock situations.


Educational software develops interest and curiosity among the learners.It is not only necessary, it is imperative. In present day society is being computerized and students are better in Everyday Life, the reason why we should have them in schools of good educational software for the everyday is also studying.

Hotel/ Restaurant

Hotel/ Resturant websites that fail to accomplish the simple aim of beautifully presenting their facilities. It seems that online presence is still fairly underestimated although the number of direct online bookings are increasing.

Billing Software

In this digital age, one of the most useful technology is that of eBilling software. If you want implement eBilling software into your business then your are a step behind. Our billing software help you by keeping the records of billings of your enterprize.

Bar Code Creation

We Develop Barcode applications for a fast and convenient way of generating high-quality barcode images (e.g. bitmap or vector format for pressprint) without programming. Ready-to-use barcode to support the creation of standardized billing.


E-commerce provides the opportunity to expand globally at much less expense.If you're a modern business owner, your business needs to have an online presence. If you sell products online, you need shopping cart software.

Fabric Point of Sale

Start your own online business of selling fabrics with TORRENT INFOTECH. If you’re considering learning how to build a fabrics eCommerce website, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s easier than you might think.

MLM Software

Our MLM Software contains a rich set of tools required to manage and maintain MLM accounts. Our user friendly MLM portal allows you to track your customers, Daily pay out details, binary tree, reports like day to day sales etc.

Medical Application

A successful medical application should be able to demonstrate clinical benefits and offer real value to its users. Using medical application for routine self-monitoring and feedback is a cost-efficient strategy for self-management.

Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Manager is an all-in-one integrated real estate office, sales and property management software platform that works seamlessly to run every aspect of your real estate agency business.

Jewellery E-commerce Store

Create an Internet presence for your jewelry store and start selling your products around the world. Build your brand and increase your profits by opening a jewellery ecommerce store of your own.

Travel Agencies Portals

If you want to support your audience along any of these steps, you need to get the right information in their hands, at the right time by being more reachable through your online presence.

Whole Sale

Use Whole Sale software to track customers and sales made both online and in your retail location using our stock maintenance software. Detailed reporting and analytics help you make the best choices to grow your business.

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.